Mike Oglesbee

The Book

Fight Back is a groundbreaking new approach to eliminating the cycles of anxiety and depression that promises to change your life!

Since developing the philosophies and systematic approach taught in this book, Mike Oglesbee has become well-known for helping people eliminate these disorders from their lives for good.

Most people are trying to manage or address the symptoms of anxiety and depression, but these disorders are symptoms of deeper conflicts within the subconscious mind. To achieve relief, you must first understand what they are and why you are experiencing them. Then, you must have tools effective enough to reach the conflicts causing them in the subconscious mind that are practical for integration in your life.

Fight Back delivers this knowledge in a clear, simple format that is easily understandable and teaches life-changing philosophies, tools, and techniques to help you resolve these conflicts so you can live free from debilitating cycles of anxiety and depression.

Mike Oglesbee

Fight Back Is for Those Who

  • Want to eliminate the cycles of anxiety and depression from their life.
  • Want to learn how to gain mental and emotional stability and a sense of control over their life.
  • Want to be more effective in their decisions, habits, and outcomes.
  • Desire a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences in life.
  • Are ready to connect to greater levels of happiness, peace, and personal growth.
Mike Oglesbee

A Message From the Author

I believe you have chosen this book for a reason. I believe that the philosophies and system I teach can help you get on your feet to begin living life the way you truly want. I believe this book can send you well on your way to freedom, happiness, and peace.

I have watched countless clients who have suffered all their lives, who have never experienced true happiness, and those who have been through trauma and heartache get back on their feet, take control of their lives in just a matter of a few months and live their lives completely free from debilitating anxiety and depression.

It doesn't take an extreme amount of time if you utilize the tools and techniques consistently, but it's all up to you to implement them. It's up to you to do the work. What you put into it, you will get out of it. I tell you this because it's the truth and is what you must first understand if you truly want to change your experience. Take a journey with me as I share my philosophies and teach you how I have helped so many people finally live great lives free from debilitating anxiety and depression.