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Quite the page-turner!

Mike Oglesbee has to be the most talented Life Coach EVER. After seeking his help (late 2019 through early 2020), I could not WAIT to own his book. I was in a very dark place when I began seeing Mike; traditional therapists had been a complete fail for me. The DAY I walked into his office was the beginning of getting my life back. I no longer worry about what people think of me. I live for ME, and I don't look back!

Mike gives his readers the tools to de-stress and get a hold on our lives, if we have the will to do so. His insights are spot-on, his methods are amazingly easy to understand and follow, and because I know him, reading his book is like having a conversation with him. I encourage everyone reading this review to add "Fight Back" to your library; it is a must-have for living a POSITIVE life. Take back your power, folks. Get this book!

~Angela T. Roberts

Treasure Trove of Information and Tools That Really Work

This author understands! Anxiety and depression are soul-suckers, and this book gives the reader the power to heal him/herself. This book is a step-by-step guide on how to take control of your life to feel confident, happier and stronger. It teaches you how to do the inner work to become your real you.

I liked that the author shares his own personal experiences while encouraging the reader's success. The table of contents is concise, allowing for quick access to the specific topics that are in each chapter. This is important to me as I continue to use it as a reference guide. I've read many 'self help' books over the years, and Fight Back is one of the most powerful growth oriented books that I've found.

~Do-It-Yourself Gal

A great book !!

Read this book with a highlighter, You will want to come back to often. Easy to read, step by step guide to being more Present in life and letting go the stories our mind is attached to. A Great book to gain control of your mind and the affect your mind has on your life. This books explains not only How by Why, our mind gets caught in a spiral of destructive thought patterns. Awesome book!!

~Kristy McDowell

Must have.

Great book. Real information and allows enjoyable learning about the mind. Should be in every home!


Awareness is key.

A very good read, love it!


Great read!

Such an awesome book from an incredible and inspiring author.


Absolutely fabulous!!

His book is fabulous and so is Mike! He has helped me immensely!


My #1 self help tool

Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2021
Fight back is a book I can read front to back or anywhere in between and I always find myself coming back to it! It’s very informative and a key tool to understanding how the mind’s programs work and how to literally take back your life! I’ve learned a lot about myself by reading this book & I suggest it to anyone on a self discovery journey!


 Life Changing!

If you’re struggling with anxiety and depression this book and it’s author are the answer you’ve been searching for. This book gives you all of the concrete tools that you need to not only ‘fight back’ against these issues but if you commit and apply yourself to his lessons you’ll end up in a better place than you could have ever imagined! Buy the book, do the work, you will not regret it...

~Aubrey B

Must have

Great book and very easy to read. The writer was very detailed and also made it interesting to want to read more. I recommend this book to everyone I know.

~Alissa Lightman

Book Reviews

A guide offers a pragmatic approach to overcoming anxiety and depression. Plagued by his own anxiety and depression, life coach Oglesbee, author of My Success Journal (2016) and other self-help titles, developed a method to aid himself and others “through knowledge, understanding, and practicality.” This book is a how-to manual of sorts, divided into three parts. Part I begins with a general overview of the ailments along with two standardized, self-administered tools–the Burns Anxiety Inventory and the Burns Depression Checklist–which give readers the opportunity to measure current levels. This first part provides a brief yet highly informative examination of the various aspects of the mind, including the conscious, subconscious, critical, and primitive minds, as well as right and left brain and neural pathways. In Part II, the author employs a meaningful analogy of “the mind as a garden” to explain his approach. He writes that it is necessary to “remove the weeds” of old belief systems and replace them: “The new seeds that I work with to replace the weeds are seeds of truth.” Part II lays out a number of ground rules, discusses the “mental training” necessary for proceeding, and explores several strategies Oglesbee uses to make changes.

One useful concept is the “Model of Power,” which depicts the interrelationship of past, present, and future and demonstrates why living in the present helps create a positive mental focus. Specific tools and techniques to fight anxiety and depression are the focus of Part III. Here the author presents relevant client examples to demonstrate “Discernment and Self-Regulation,” problem resolution, and how to surmount “intrusive thoughts.” Each situation is thoroughly described and includes numerous statements and questions for readers to reflect on.

A particularly engaging exercise is creating “truth cards,” written affirmations designed to “reprogram your mind and align your thoughts with truth for a better, more effective outcome.” The material is not necessarily unique, but Oglesbee diligently explains his method in clear, uncomplicated language and carefully guides readers through each chapter. What’s more, he conveys a feeling of hopefulness sure to have a calming effect. Self-affirming and uplifting advice without attempting to be a panacea for depression.

~Kirkus Indie Review

With this unique, compassionate, and life-affirming book, you’ll find the tools you need to break free from hopelessness and start living a life of happiness and vitality.

It helps you identify your strengths; ditch the self-limiting beliefs that diminish your capacity for positivity; and increase feelings of motivation, resiliency, and wellness. You’ll also learn to untangle yourself from rumination over past negative events, while shifting your perspective to the present moment and anticipating your future through a more positive lens.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to take control of your life to feel confident and stronger. I felt comforted and validated by the tone of this book and reading it I know I am not alone, I feel like someone understands.

This book is not just for people suffering from depression but for everyone who want to live a happier healthier life ensuring depression never touches them. Get your copy TODAY and take that step towards a happy and cheerful life.